As your Supervisor, I continue to work tirelessly to strengthen our neighborhoods, support families and protect the environment.

Strengthen Neighborhoods


We have protected our neighborhoods by limiting vacation rentals. When out-of-area mobile home park owners wanted to convert mobile home parks, we fought them and developed new laws to protect residents. When flight paths changed causing severe noise pollution, we forced the FAA to come to the table to address the concerns of our community.


Supporting Families


Through our shared commitment to our community we have built a Boys & Girls Club, the first family healthcare office in Live Oak, Heart of Soquel Park and Leo’s Haven, the first fully-inclusive playground at Chanticleer Park. Partnering with our schools we have created the award-winning Cradle to Career program, helping families achieve their hopes and dreams.


Protecting The Environment


When oil companies eyed our county for new development, we developed regulations that made us the first to ban fracking in the state. We are leading the state in fighting plastic pollution, through policies that promote the end of plastic bags, and single use cups. And we are taking the lead on preparing for the effects of climate change on the coast and in our rural areas.


I Get It — And I Get It Done

The experience I have gained and the trust you have given me has produced results.  Let’s work together to address the critical issues of transportation, climate change and affordable housing.
No one will outwork me. No one will listen more attentively. Send me your ideas:
On November 3rd, please vote for John Leopold as your Supervisor.