Supervisor John Leopold Is Laser Focused on Solving Our Problems


Local government is at its best when elected officials listen to their constituents – and then go to work to solve problems large and small.  That’s a lesson Supervisor John Leopold never needed to be taught. Year in and year out, he listens to our needs and fights to make a difference by solving problems of all sizes.


Protecting Our Neighborhoods

 “When out-of-area investors sought to turn our neighborhoods into endless rows of motels through on-line platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, John listened to us and developed a set of reasonable regulations that have restored peace and quiet to our neighborhood. The sensible vacation rental law he wrote even helped provide needed revenue to support County programs.”

— Joe Hall, Schwan Lake residents


Taking Care of Our Children

“During John’s frequent community meetings, he heard that our community wanted places for our kids to play. He instigated a partnership between the County and the Live Oak School District to open a new Boys & Girls Club in Live Oak.  Now 200 kids play there nearly every day of the year.  Thanks for listening to us John!”

— Stacey Kyle and family


Saving Our Planet

“The federal government started to talk about selling oil and gas leases in our area. John led the effort for Santa Cruz County to become the first county in the state to ban fracking. He is leading the efforts to address climate change and has worked to get plastics our of our oceans. John has produced real results for our environment.”

— Dan Haifley, former Save our Shores Executive Director & former O’Neill Sea Odyssey Executive Director


Ensuring That Our Community Includes Everyone

“We came to John and asked for his help in building the first fully-inclusive park in our county so children of all abilities could play together. He forged agreements between the County and community groups, helped with the fundraising, and worked to clear hurdles at every stage of the effort. Because of his help, we opened Leo’s Haven at Chanticleer Park in 2020.”

— Trisha Potts & Mariah Roberts, Leo’s Haven leaders and parks advocates



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He Gets It – and Gets It Done


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